10 Best Medical Podcasts On iTunes

10 Best Medical Podcasts

Primary Care Today: Dr. Brian McDonough, a nationally recognized clinical expert, public speaker and writer, hosts this interview series about current issues and trends in primary care practice. Each episode, Dr. McDonough brings in a new medical expert to discuss the unique topic at hand, from sports medicine, to obesity amongst senior citizens, to children suffering from kidney stones.

Primary Care Today Podcast

TEDTalks Science and Medicine: The topics and possibilities are endless in this world-famous speaker series intent on sharing “ideas worth spreading”. And now Itunes offers a collection of TEDTalks video podcasts specifically catered to innovations in medicine and healthcare. Most episodes last between 10 and 20 minutes, and pack into that short amount of time the research findings and visions of some of the world’s best scientists, doctors and medical researchers.

TEDTalks Science and Medicine


60 Second Health: ‘Got a minute?’ That’s all it takes to stay up-to-date on health-related news with this compact podcast that puts an emphasis on quality over quantity. Each week reporter Dina Fine Maron doles out 60 seconds chock-full of details on the latest news in health and medicine.

60 Second Health Podcast


Healthcare Tech Talk: As the title says, technology and health care come together in this podcast about innovations and improvements in all aspects of healthcare and medicine. Each episode includes expert guest speakers who discuss a variety of topics, from advancements in equipment and procedures, to electronic health records, to the use of social media in the medical field.

Healthcare Tech Talk Podcast


Docs Outside the Box: In this recently launched podcast, Dr. Nii Darko focuses on medical professionals who think and practice in extraordinary ways. The podcast episodes features interviews with doctors that are exceptional in building their own legacies, both in their careers and in life.

Docs Outside The Box


ER CAST: It’s the podcast determined to fit as much important information into each episode “without overstuffing your frontal cortex”. Emergency medicine is the prime focus here, with each episode tackling a different topic amongst the wide range of medical practices. This physician-targeted podcast features a variety of curbside consultations, interviews, product reviews, and more.

ERcast.org Podcast


Emergency Medicine Cases: This Canadian podcast created and hosted by Dr. Anton Helman brings together various medical experts for a round-table discussion on relevant news and changes being made in emergency medicine. Like the Emergency Medicine Cases blog and website, the podcast’s intention is to provide online insights and education to physicians, residents, paramedics and student nurses.

Emergency Medicine Cases Podcast


New Directions In Health Care: This podcast is presented by The Commonwealth Fund, a private foundation focused on promoting a high performing health care system. The foundation’s work is primarily aimed at improving healthcare for demographics such as low-income people, the uninsured, minority Americans and senior citizens. Each podcast lasts around 10 minutes long and covers relevant topics concerning these groups.

New Directions in Health Care Podcast


2 Docs Talk: Kendall Britt, M.D. and Amy Rogers M.D. co-host this 15 minute podcast, on current issues in healthcare and medical policy, and how that issue affects doctor-patient relationships. The episodes are brief and casual, yet evidence-based and informative. The podcast’s main purpose is to better inform health care consumers so they can more actively collaborate with their physicians to make the best decisions for their health, through health care professionals can benefit from this patient perspective as well.

2 Docs Talk Podcast


Healthcare Triage LIVE Show: From the creators of the Youtube shows mental_floss and Crash Course, comes a down-to earth, thought-provoking look at healthcare that can be enjoyed by both medical professionals and laypeople alike. Each episode, host Dr. Aaron Carroll answers audience questions and digs into topics, some random and quirky, some vitally important, concerning health care policy and medical research.

Healthcare Triage Live Show

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    Thanks for mentioning 2 Docs Talk in your line up of really excellent shows. We truly appreciate it! – Amy and Kendall

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