20 Of The Funniest Tweets Perfectly Sum Up The Struggles Of Medical School

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Eating is still a thing people do, right? 

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Only as a med student is it acceptable to sit in the library and google “groin veins”….

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Learning about all the ways people can die constantly makes me wonder how anyone is even still alive.

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Too lazy to study. Too studious to screw study completely and have fun.

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“It’s important to exercise every day” I say as I continue to sit in the same spot and study for 16 hours.

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Med school is like an April Fools joke but it’s every day and it’s always on you.

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Can’t watch Iron Man without thinking he’d have died from overwhelming sepsis with that arc reactor in his chest.

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Am I the only one who reads the monitor when watching TV shows? Like, “oh his breathing pattern sucks.”

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When a bathroom cartoon accurately describes your life.

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The 3rd year of medical school is all about learning to be comfortable with being very UNcomfortable 100% of the time.

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When in doubt, know that I hate everyone.

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Just used a paper towel as a coffee filter. Please send help.

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When you have to pause your music to listen to youtube videos of murmurs…

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Size does matter, if you can’t put it in your white coat pockets.

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Not a true medical student until you cry in public.

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Yesterday I sang head shoulder knees and toes to a doctor when trying to guess which area a drug toxicity affected.

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Current dating status: “let’s meet up maybe in 2 months when I have 10 minutes to spare?”

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Whenever I see a big fat vein, I lose control.

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What good is Twitter is you can’t complain about being held hostage by your attending?

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Ariel Jacoby
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