51 Nominees, 51 Lab Coats, and 51 Sets of Scrubs


Congratulations to all of the successful nominees that made it in before the deadline!  We received a total of 51 valid entries in our inaugural class of The Right Fit HERO Award recipients!  Each of these candidates has already qualified to receive a free, personalized lab coat and set of scrubs from Medelita.

Our inaugural class comes from just about every walk of life, including residents that have traveled far, faced adversity, worked tirelessly, and sacrificed all of their time to pursue a challenging career in medicine. Some are just starting out, while others have clearly established themselves as leaders and future leaders in local and national medical communities.

You are all true HEROes, and the team at Medelita would like to congratulate you the best way we know how, by providing you with a uniform that is a better representation of the work that you do and the prestige involved therein.  If you haven’t received an email with a link to the complimentary order form, please contact us immediately.

Meanwhile, our judges are putting together their list of finalists which will be announced on Tuesday, April 15th.

Congratulations and GOOD LUCK!

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