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Meet 18 year old Malachi Love-Robinson.

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This February Florida teen Malachi Love-Robinson was arrested on charges of practicing without a license, and held on $21,000 bail. He was caught after treating an undercover sting officer during the grand opening of his own natural holistic practice – New Birth New Life Medical Center.

This is not the first time this teen has been arrested. Last year, Robinson was arrested at his place of employment, where he worked without a license as a paid massage therapist in Boynton Beach, FL. As if that weren’t enough, Robinson also was reported for posing as a physician at St. Mary’s Medical Center. According to the report, Robinson apparently just walked into St. Mary’s Medical Center, ingratiated a security guard, and after being introduced to the staff individually, convinced them to allow him to fulfill his self-assigned internship by shadowing physicians. No charges were pressed, according to WPBF.

“I requested to shadow physicians — next thing I know, cops are there, that’s all I know, all I know, I have no idea,” said Love-Robinson.

This either speaks to the abysmal gullibility of some Florida physicians, or a true (no pun intended) testament to Robinson’s healthcare convictions, though severely misguided intentions to help promote better outcomes in primary care.

Robinson’s attorney, Andrew Stine defends his client in this LIVE Dr. Drew phone interview.

“The undercover officer showed up to effectuate – to make an arrest.” Stine added “Mr. Robinson told her several times, with a witness present, that he was not a medical doctor.”

According to Stine, the undercover officer responsible for the arrest claimed to have a sore throat. After Robinson repeatedly attempted to schedule an appointment for later in the day when the actual doctor would be in, and she refused, he shared with her his way of dealing with his own sore throat: by taking an aspirin. Immediate arrest followed this comment which was classified as “treatment”.

This Florida teen may possess more ambition and real-life problem-solving ability than perhaps some of the winners of the AMA’s described in this article on Student Innovators of MedEd who seek to cause a cultural shift in healthcare – did I say arguably?

According to 2016 U.S. medical school admissions guidelines, a well-rounded individual who relates to people is what they are looking for to address the growing shortage of primary care physicians projected over the next decade. A compelling Holistic Review, a sprinkle of Humanities, and dedicated inner-city volunteer work will convince any committee, given high MCAT scores and a GPA of 3.6 or better, they are looking at a doctor of tomorrow.

Malachi… you’re brilliant and perhaps just the type of person to lead the primary care revolution! Just go to school so you can actually help to heal the world… legally and legitimately.

Joseph Bryant
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