Interpersonal Communication Med Students

How Medical Students Can Prepare For The Importance of Interpersonal Communication Skills During Clinicals

The study time and schoolwork that goes into prospective students becoming medical professionals is no joke. And while no patient wants to be taken care of by a doctor or nurse whose human anatomy knowledge is only subpar, or doesn’t know what’s in the medication...

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Abortion Stigma Medical Education

How The Stigma Of Abortion Affects Family Planning Education In Medical Schools

With Poland’s legislature’s recently proposed, near-total ban on abortion, along with the September 24 pro-choice marches decrying Ireland’s strict abortion laws that took place in a number of cities worldwide, reproductive rights and access to abortion are currently stirring immense debate and rightfully earning recognition...

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China Organ Transplants Prisoners

China’s Prisoner Organ Transplant Policy is Causing Controversy Amongst the Global Medical Community

On January 1, 2015, China officially ended its decades-long practice of harvesting the organs of executed prisoners for medical transplants. It was considered an ethical triumph for medical professionals and humans rights advocates worldwide, and a step towards transforming China’s corrupt, often underground and illegal...

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Primary Care Specialty Reasons For Medical Students

Five Reasons To Consider Choosing Primary Care As Your Specialty

With a severe physician shortage already affecting healthcare in the United States, the American Association of Medical Colleges now projects a 94,000 doctor deficit within the next decade. What has enhanced this problem is the fact that many medical students are now choosing to enter subspecialties, as opposed...

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Medical Student Debt Burnout Alcohol Abuse

As The Cost Of Medical School Continues To Rise, So Do Rates Of Student Burnout And Substance Abuse

Physician burnout is not uncommon in today’s medical field. Studies have shown that burnout amongst medical professionals has been on the rise for years, but new research shows that burnout is affecting medical students even more as well. A recently published Academic Medicine study, conducted by researchers...

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