Best Medical Mentorship Programs In California

Medical Mentorship Programs California

Marian Regional Medical Center’s Physician Mentoring Program:

College and high school students in Santa Maria, CA, get the opportunity to experience a vast array of medical settings, from an office environment, to the emergency and operating rooms. Over a 6-8 week period students spend each week working under a different doctor, in a different specialty in order to give them a “more complete understanding of the diversity of medical career opportunities. The program is open to all students 17-years and older.


Stanford Medicine’s Mentorship Program:

Part of Stanford’s “commitment to individualized career development,” this multi-tiered program is aimed at ensuring students make the most of their residency program. Participants are matched with a Core Faculty mentorship team, one senior and one junior faculty member, who provide guidance on career development throughout the residency.


UCLA Pre-medical/Pre-dental Enrichment Program (UCLA PREP):

Targeted towards strengthening the abilities and readiness of premed and predental students to further their education and careers, this six-week non-residential program combines academics with career development and immersion into different medical settings. Participants get observational experience through clinical preceptorships, personal interactions with established practitioners, and are experience guest speakers as well as personal development workshops.


Mentoring in Medicine and Science’s Clinical Immersion and Mentoring Summer Internship:

This four-week program in Oakland, CA,  is offered to both high school and college students immerses participants in various clinical settings from emergency medicine, to orthopedics, to public health. Students also receive one-on-one career advising, life coaching sessions, civic service and field trip opportunities, and present a final patient case in front of peers, program staff and mentors.


Dominican University of California’s Pre-Med Mentor Program:

In this career-development program, each participant is matched with a Marin County Kaiser Permanente Physician as his or her mentor, whom they meet with on a regular basis over the course of a year. Rotations put students in numerous medical specialty settings, giving them insight into each field and allowing them to make a well-informed decision when time comes to pick their own specialty of choice.

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