This Medical Student’s Story Of Defeating The Odds To Pursue Her Medical Degree While Living With Disabilities Will Move You To Tears.

Medical school is hard more difficult than most people can understand. Even under the best circumstances, medical students will face a number of challenges that will test your commitment and your sanity. With rising burnout rates, stagnant residency caps, and an intensely grueling course load, the...

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Interpersonal Communication Med Students

How Medical Students Can Prepare For The Importance of Interpersonal Communication Skills During Clinicals

The study time and schoolwork that goes into prospective students becoming medical professionals is no joke. And while no patient wants to be taken care of by a doctor or nurse whose human anatomy knowledge is only subpar, or doesn’t know what’s in the medication...

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Mentorship Challenges And Responsibilities

The Challenges And Responsibilities Of An Effective Mentoring Relationship

RESPONSIBILITIES OF THE MENTEE The mentoring relationship is one of collaboration that should ultimately benefit both parties. Therefore mentees should demonstrate eagerness to learn, flexibility and an understanding of the mentor’s demanding schedule.30 Mentees should be prompt for all appointments, and respect the time and effort...

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Mentorship Strategies

Strategies For Building An Effective Mentoring Relationship

Mentoring has been recognized as a critical aspect of the professional and/or personal development of the student, resident and faculty member. This career development resource discusses strategies for building effective mentoring relationships and outlines some of the challenges to contemporary mentoring. The first account of a...

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Medical Students Relationship Building

Here’s Why It’s So Important For Students To Build Personal Relationships During Medical School

  The life of a medical student can be hectic, to say the least. As a result of the mental and physical demands that come with being in medical school, relationships, romantic or otherwise, oftentimes take a back seat. However, according to one grad, relationships may be among...

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Nutrition Education In Medical School

71 Percent Of Medical Schools Are Not Teaching Nutritional Education To Students

High rates of obesity, hypertension, and diabetes across the country have led many to request a call-to-action from our nation's medical educators. According to, almost 38% of adults are obese and the CDC predicts that one-in-three adults will develop diabetes by 2050. Not only are these health...

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