Crowdfunded Musical About Infamous Pharma Tycoon Martin Shkreli

Martin Shkreli Pharma Musical

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Many people know Martin Shkreli as the ‘most hated man in America’ after he drastically raised the prices of a life-saving anti-infection drug called Daraprim. Others know Shkreli as the man who called out Ghostface Killah — prominent member of the Wu Tang Clan — over YouTube.

Regardless of how Shkreli is known, his unwarranted antics continue to land him in the news in unfavorable ways. Most recently, a crowdfunding campaign was initiated to raise money for their new satirical production based on Shkreli’s recent buffoonery.

The production is called “Martin Shkreli’s Game: How Bill Murray Joined the Wu-Tang Clan” and is going to be released next month. If you are wondering what Martin Shkreli, Bill Murray and the Wu Tang Clan have in common, you are not alone. And to add even more hysteria, the production is going to be a full blown musical. The show’s co-producer and lyricist Lauren Gundrum said:

“We thought, ‘What kind of world is this where Martin Shkreli and Wu-Tang are thrown together?'”

The idea came to the producers after Shkreli purchased the Wu Tang Clan’s one and only limited edition double album called, “Once upon a time in Shaolin” valued at $2 million. Joel Esher, fellow producer and composer of the play said:

“It seemed like such a ridiculous thing. Truth is crazier than fiction sometimes and we said, ‘That might be a great thing to turn into a musical.’”

The hour-long musical production will be a fictionalized account of comedian Bill Murray and the members of the Wu Tang Clan in a grand attempt to steal back the invaluable album.

Producers recently brought in 14 actors to audition for the role of Shkreli, and while these actors had previous experience with auditions, they were all a bit thrown off by the weirdness of this particular project. Matt Weinstein, 22-year-old auditioner, ended up flipping over a table to demonstrate his range of character and said after the audition:

“At first I was like, ‘What the f**k is this show about?’ I’ve done weird jobs in the past but this was different.”

The casting directors had a very acute idea of how the story should play out and what the actors needed to do in order to meet the satiric tone of the musical. One of the judges told an auditioner:

“I want you to really play up the smugness right now. I want you to pretend you know more than anyone else in this room no matter what you are talking about. Like, if you’re talking to an astrophysicist, you still know more about astrophysics.”

The project has so far raised $5,660 dollars on their Indiegogo site and they plan on having a major turn out next month. Skreli, however, was not so amused with the film concept saying, “It is an inept idea” over Twitter.

h/t: Telegraph

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