Dating Advice For Medical Students

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Maintaining your social networks is essential to a healthy work life balance, but having any social life at all outside of your medical training can be a challenge. Dating can seem outright impossible. Whether your significant other is a fellow medical student or a regular non-medical person, there are innumerable challenges to maintaining a romantic relationship during your years of medical training.

Here are four pieces of wisdom from medical students who have been through it and managed to have their relationship make it through to the other side:

  1. Set realistic expectations
    To make your relationship work, you might need to abandon your preconceived notions of a fairy-tale romance. You might not be able to spend as much time with your partner as you would like, and finances could cause relationship tension if student debt is involved. It’s important to understand what will be the limitations of your relationship, and to be able to plan a way to work around them.
  2. Strategize your time
    Medical students don’t have a lot of free time – particularly once the clinical years start. Any time you don’t spend in medical training will probably be taken up by everyday responsibilities, like running errands and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Maximize the time you spend with your significant other by coordinating your schedule such that you can both help out or even just keep each other company during these everyday responsibilities.
  3. Be adaptable
    It is important to have a degree of flexibility so you can adapt to both small disappointments (a cancelled date) and major life changes (acceptance into a residency program). This ability to adapt to unfavorable situations will ensure that your relationship has staying power, and will ultimately strengthen your relationship.
  4. Communication is key
    This might be the most obvious tip on the list, but it’s easy to forget that your partner can’t read your mind when you have had a bad day and are tempted to take out your frustrations on them. Develop a way to communicate effectively so that the stresses of medical school don’t lead to misunderstandings that can derail a relationship
Ariel Jacoby
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