Medical Students: Save Time And Energy With A Scanning App

Scannable Apps For Med Students

In the digital age, where just about every person you come across carries a smartphone like an extra bodily appendage, it’s no wonder smartphone uses keep growing. As more information is stored and shared digitally, whether for environmental reasons or merely for convenience, smartphones are now able to act as portable scanners.

Any student can relate to the burden of toting around multiple notebooks and textbooks across campus, or losing an important handout distributed in class. Scanning apps such as Scannable, Scanbot, Office Lens and even Google Drive aim to address such problems, by converting simple photos taken of physical documents into high-quality scanned files and PDFs

Each app has features unique to itself. For instance, Scannable, created by the organizer app Evernote, focuses storing and organizing documents, whereas Scanbot offers editing features for documents that have been scanned.

Scan, send, share, store

These apps also work well in documenting information on white boards and presentation slides, allowing you to focus on the information being presented instead of putting all your energy into writing down notes.

The apps also make it easy to send and share documents, and have them at immediate access for reference right in your phone. However the strongest benefit is arguably the security of having documents stored digitally, especially with back-up features like iCloud.

With so many great features, it’s safe to say scanning apps are not just more frivolous add-ons to further needlessly digitize our lives. They are in fact incredibly useful devices that’d be very useful to any proactive student or professional.

Samantha Hendricks
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