Medical Students Relationship Building

Here’s Why It’s So Important For Students To Build Personal Relationships During Medical School

  The life of a medical student can be hectic, to say the least. As a result of the mental and physical demands that come with being in medical school, relationships, romantic or otherwise, oftentimes take a back seat. However, according to one grad, relationships may be among...

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Nutrition Education In Medical School

71 Percent Of Medical Schools Are Not Teaching Nutritional Education To Students

High rates of obesity, hypertension, and diabetes across the country have led many to request a call-to-action from our nation's medical educators. According to, almost 38% of adults are obese and the CDC predicts that one-in-three adults will develop diabetes by 2050. Not only are these health...

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Medical Student Debt Burnout Alcohol Abuse

As The Cost Of Medical School Continues To Rise, So Do Rates Of Student Burnout And Substance Abuse

Physician burnout is not uncommon in today’s medical field. Studies have shown that burnout amongst medical professionals has been on the rise for years, but new research shows that burnout is affecting medical students even more as well. A recently published Academic Medicine study, conducted by researchers...

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