The 2014 H.E.R.O. Honoree: Kanani Titchen, MD


titchenIt is with great pride and excitement that we are able to announce the judges’ decision to recognize Dr. Titchen from Thomas Jefferson University Hospital-Nemours/Alfred I. duPont Hospital for Children as the 2014 Honoree.  Dr. Titchen will receive $25,000 to use toward defraying her student debt and also which she intends to use to participate in some upcoming charitable efforts she is involved in abroad (more on this soon).

We were lucky enough to surprise Dr. Titchen together over the phone before we made the announcement: Click here to listen to her reaction and the rest of the recording.

Before we finalize the 2014 program, it is important that we also recognize every single one of the candidates that were nominated, and especially those that made up the top ten finalists.  The judges were quick to admit that the decision wasn’t easy at first, and everyone that participated in the final entries were all worthy of this honor.  We look forward to working with all of the candidates to help shed some light on the daily lives of residents, assist in promoting their causes and research, and to improve the honorarium each year we’re able to sponsor it.

Ultimately, Dr. Titchen’s path that led her to pursue her career later in life, her leadership from within the American Medical Women’s Association, and her unyielding commitment to an important and often overlooked cause led the judges to feel confident that she was definitely “The Right Fit” for this award.  Please take a moment to read up on Dr. Titchen’s work – start by reading a recent article of hers on child sex trafficking in the U.S. and also be sure to watch the video she put together to help raise money to protect children from child sex trafficking.

You can contribute to the AMWA Human Trafficking Initiative by visiting:

Read Dr. Titchen’s original entry here.

You can also read the official 2014 The Right Fit H.E.R.O. Award Honorarium Press Release here
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