The Best Back-To-School Scrubs

back to school scrubs

Whether you’re heading back to nursing school, medical school, or PA school, September is always an exciting time because it marks the start of a fresh new academic year. You’ve had the summer to reflect on everything you’ve learned so far, and with a fresh slate and a newfound resolve, there’s nothing holding you back from making this your best year yet!

If you’re going to be working with patients at any point during this year, chances are you’re going to need a new set of scrubs. Even though some schools give their students scrubs for free, we recommend making the small investment into a nice set of fitted scrubs that are better quality and will help you look and feel professional. Of course appearance isn’t that high on your list of concerns when working with patients, but first impressions do matter and it’s important to think about how you wish to present yourself to the world as an aspiring medical professional.

With that in mind, we’ve rounded up our favorite picks for scrubs to start the school year strong!

Horizon Scrub Top from Medelita’s Element line

back to school scrubs

We love the neckline of this scrub top! It’s stylish and flattering, without being overly trendy and it still gives good coverage so you don’t feel exposed at all. The fabric is equally impressive – Medelita developed a new stretch scrub fabric specifically for this scrub, and you can tell the quality immediately. It’s soft to the touch, and the colors are vibrant and won’t fade no matter how many times you wash it. We love how they even thought to add a tiny mesh clip pocket to affix your ID badge so it doesn’t rub against your skin or drag down the neckline!

Shop Horizon Scrub Top here.

Delta Scrub Pants from Medelita’s Element line

From the built in pen slot to the angled pockets, this scrub pant exceeds all expectations. We can’t get enough of the angled side pockets, which are spacious enough to hold just about everything you could possibly need and still have space left over. The dual athletic waistband is a nice touch as well – there is a drawstring but it also incorporates a very comfortable elastic waistband so you get the best of both worlds in terms of comfort and function, and the pants are high rise to avoid any wardrobe malfunctions when you bend or crouch!

back to school scrubs

Shop Delta Scrub Pants here.

Modern Fit Men’s Scrubs

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These scrubs are simple, classic, and beyond comfortable. The tailored fit is universally flattering without being boxy or awkward, and the fabric has dri-release technology incorporated into the fibers which wicks away moisture. There is also a fly zipper for added convenience!

Shop Modern Fit Men’s Scrubs here.

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