Top 10 Any Occasion Gifts For Medical Students

Best Gifts For Medical Students

Who doesn’t love unexpected gifts? Any hardworking medical student certainly deserve sthem. Students have a varied schedule, and a multitude of different tasks they have to juggle everyday- clinicals, academia, and extracurriculars, all in the pursuit of walking across the stage and gaining those prestigious letters behind their name.

That is why the gift-giving opportunities are truly endless for aspiring medical professionals, but the decision process does not have to leave your head spinning.

We put together a list of 10 gifts that any medical student will love, no matter the occasion!

Medelita Lab Coat

A Medelita lab coat is a gift that is functional, fashionable, and useful to medical students. The coats are made of high-performance material that will repel fluids such as blood, and even withstand durability with no pilling even after 100 washes. Choose a slim-fit or other customized fit that is as unique as the students themselves. Wearing a Medelita lab coat will help the student exude the confidence and level of professionalism that they will also showcase post-graduation. Wearing a white coat has also been shown to increase patient trust levels.

Gift For Medical Students Lab Coat

Self-Charging Case

How many times have you forgotten your charger? A case that automatically charges an electronic device is convenient and is one less item that the student has to carry around.

Coffee Mug

This may not seem original at first, but let’s face it- if your student loves coffee then they will always appreciate a mug. Get a mug of their favorite inspiration quote, or something humorous like a personalized coffee mug that features a customized “prescription”.

Modern Fit Scrubs

Another useful gift, due to their high-level of comfort students love these scrubs both inside and outside the clinic. This supremely soft performance fabric is soft against skin and also keeps them dry with moisture wicking properties. These scrubs also feature a relaxed fit for less pulling while sitting, and are designed to provide the best range of motion possible.

iPad Case

Everyone can use a new iPad case, but we are not talking the standard clip-on or swivel variety. Get the student an antimicrobial iPad case or one with shatter-resistant properties.


Medical students need comfortable shoes or else their feet (and everything else) will be miserable by the end of their shift. Medical clogs have an arch-supporting heel, padded instep, and are built to last with hand-stapled construction details. Sanita clogs come in a variety of styles and fabric textures.

Life Planner

Between rotations, classes, and volunteering, medical students have a lot on their plate. A daily planner will help managing their hectic schedules a little easier, and keep them on track for graduation. Brooks Brothers offers durable leather calendars while Erin Condren features bright, that you can customize in just about every way.

Life Planner Gifts For Medical Students

On-Call Bag

Having a bag that is easily accessible on the go is something that every medical student needs. They can slip in a change of clothes, toiletries, and other essentials that will make heading to on-call shifts that much easier.  Duffle styles are popular amongst medical students because they are roomy enough to fit necessary supplies, necessities, and even their laptop or iPad.

Tea Infuser Mug

Not everyone likes coffee, and we often forget about the tea lovers of the world. If the student gets their caffeine boost from black tea rather than black coffee, give them the gift of a tumbler that they simply have to add loose tea leaves to and go. Teavana offers starter kits and built-in infuser mugs in a variety of styles.


A Fitbit or other activity monitor will help the student track calories, steps, and other functions important to remaining healthy. It is easy to forget to take care of yourself when providing excellent care to others, and these monitors will allow the student to stay in tune with their well-being throughout the day.

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