USF Opens World-Class Student Service Center To Be “Home Base” For All Health And Medical Students

USF WELL Student Center

In January 2014, University of South Florida (USF) officially opened The WELL, a new student services center for the schools at USF Health, a renovation of its old medical clinic.

An acronym for The Wellness, Engagement, Leadership, and Learning Student Center, USF felt the chosen title encompassed all of the different health and wellness schools offered at the university. The WELL will be the first stop for students new to USF Health. Current students, faculty, and staff are looking for The WELL to be the heart and home base for all schools under the Health umbrella. USF students from the schools of public health, medicine, nursing, pharmacy, physical therapy and the biomedical sciences will all benefit from this addition on campus.

Plans for The WELL include a new dining area, a fitness center, a performing arts and aerobics studio, a meditation room, a lactation room, a multipurpose room, conference rooms, a study space, and a convenience store. All of this in addition to student affairs, financial aid, and registrar offices. Basically a one stop shop for all USF Health needs.

Students, faculty, and staff were a large part of creating this space. The university wanted them to “shape the future of student services at Health,” and encouraged collaboration between all schools that are part of USF Health. 

Like most large undertakings, The WELL cost a considerable amount of money, and in November 2015, the College of Public Health News published an article asking for donations to help continue construction of the facilities.

It stated, “While student-supported funds have covered 75% of renovation costs, urgent philanthropic support is needed to complete the current phase of construction in 2016.” 

Fortunately, the money was acquired and The WELL is expected to open August 25, 2016. While most of the facility will be accessible to students come August, some of the amenities will still be under construction. The fitness center is slotted to open March 2017, and there is talk about expanding the center an additional 12,600 square feet. 

Given the grueling schedule and elongated days put in by health students, The WELL will hopefully bring more convenience and ease to students’ lives. Additionally, USF hopes the center will bring together students from multiple health disciplines in order to create better, more comprehensive care for future patients.

Kari Cowell
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