What Pre-Med Students Should Know About Preceptorships

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For pre-med students in their junior and senior years of school, a preceptorship should be a familiar term – especially for those who are serious about rapidly advancing their careers.

A preceptorship is an introductory opportunity for high-achieving undergraduates in pre-medical studies programs, according to GapMedics. The position requires an initial application process and if successful, a follow up interview (similar to the process of applying to medical school).

The preceptorship program is designed to give pre-med students access to real world medical situations over the course of several weeks. This is a great opportunity for premed students to ask questions and soak up information from mentoring physicians. The preceptors are experienced healthcare professionals who introduce preceptees to the medical environments that they work in everyday.

A good preceptor provides role support and guidance as they walk the preceptee through medical procedures, paperwork and interactions that take place with patients and their families. The preceptee is also introduced to new hire to policies, procedures and the social etiquette of the hospital.

Rarely do preceptorships offer funding, but the confidence gained from the program has been considered invaluable by many successful practitioners.


Riley Schatzle
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